Video: 2024 AA State Championship Game

The Windham Eagles Win their first Gold Ball in school history, beating Gorham 62-58 in OT. The Eagles finished their season as the #1 Team in the State and a 19-2 record. Check out the game here on YouTube.


AA state final: Windham vs. Gorham

at Cross Insurance Arena, Portland

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Windham 62, Gorham 58, OT


Windham wins it all for the first time, beats Gorham in overtime, 62-58

WINDHAM (19-2)
Moody, Adrian12412
James, Tyrie301117
Lindsay, Quinton12210
McPherson, Blake2107
Bowen, Erik2004
Dickson, Creighty40412
Searway, Matthew0000
GORHAM (18-3)
Michaud, Gabe83227
Smith, Caden0309
Karlonas, Jack0000
Leclerc, Ashton2004
Gammon, Griffin22313
Whitten, Atticus0000
Jewett, Colton1105

#1 Windham Boys

#1 Gorham Boys



3/2/24 5:45 PMFinal
#1 Windham Boys (W)23411111362
#1 Gorham Boys 7191112958

Box ScorePlay by PlayVisualsShow Simple Box Score

AJ Moody136112300121-22-43-64-
Blake McPherson1233.781700072-61-33-90-00.330.330.3300.390.3930300013000003-1
Creighty Dickson3033.3112020124-80-24-104-50.40.500.80.40.4912394101400004216
Erik Bowen1512.871400042-30-22-50-00.40.67000.40.410100011000001-5
Matthew Searway332.931000000-00-00-00-0000000000000000000007
Quinton Lindsay1335.58110300101-62-23-82-60.380.1710.330.50.476155204200001.25105
Tyrie James225.53117000173-40-23-611-130.50.7500.850.50.731010001300000124

Ashton Leclerc3527.971400042-80-32-110-00.180.25000.180.181011002500000.5-57
Atticus Whitten020.531000000-00-10-10-00000001010001500000-1-13
Caden Smith22361903090-33-63-90-00.3300.500.50.5101902074000008-4
Colton Jewett27.951500051-11-32-40-10.510.3300.620.56303011020000074
Gabe Michaud1434.82127400278-153-411-192-60.580.530.750.330.660.626425102500002.525-2
Griffin Gammon4536113230132-52-34-83-
Izak Young110.371000000-00-00-00-0000000000000000000001
Jack Karlonas2316.371000000-10-10-20-000000031201112000002-9

#1 Windham Boys

#1 Gorham Boys



3/2/24 5:45 PMFinal
#1 Windham Boys (W)23411111362
#1 Gorham Boys 7191112958

Box ScorePlay by PlayVisuals

Period 1

#1 Windham BoysTimeHome – AwayPoint Margin#1 Gorham Boys
8:000-00Caden Smith Entered the game
8:000-00Jack Karlonas Entered the game
8:000-00Gabe Michaud Entered the game
8:000-00Ashton Leclerc Entered the game
8:000-00Griffin Gammon Entered the game
Erik Bowen Entered the game8:000-00
Quinton Lindsay Entered the game8:000-00
Blake McPherson Entered the game8:000-00
AJ Moody Entered the game8:000-00
Creighty Dickson Entered the game8:000-00
Erik Bowen Personal Foul (P1.T1)7:530-00
7:450-00Ashton Leclerc Missed Field Goal (0/1 0%)
Blake McPherson Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)7:420-00
Erik Bowen Made Field Goal (2 PTS)7:382-0H2
Creighty Dickson Personal Foul (P1.T2)7:302-0H2
7:232-0H2Ashton Leclerc Missed Field Goal (0/2 0%)
Tie Up7:212-0H2
7:212-0H2Griffin Gammon Turnover (P1.T1)
7:202-0H2Griffin Gammon Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:)
Creighty Dickson Made Free Throw (1 PT)6:543-0H3
Creighty Dickson Made Free Throw (2 PTS)6:544-0H4
6:544-0H4Jack Karlonas Personal Foul (P1.T1)
6:424-0H4Jack Karlonas Turnover (P1.T2)
Erik Bowen Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)6:304-0H4
Creighty Dickson Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:)6:284-0H4
Creighty Dickson Made SCP Field Goal (4 PTS)6:286-0H6
6:236-0H6Gabe Michaud Turnover (P1.T3)
AJ Moody Charge Taken (P1.T1)6:236-0H6
6:236-0H6Gabe Michaud Offensive Foul (P1.T2)
5:596-0H630s Timeout
Quinton Lindsay Made POT 3-Pointer (3 PTS)5:599-0H9
Creighty Dickson Assist (P1.T1)5:589-0H9
5:369-0H9Ashton Leclerc Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)
5:349-0H9Griffin Gammon Offensive Rebound (Off:2 Def:)
5:299-0H9Gabe Michaud Turnover (P2.T4)
Erik Bowen Missed 3-Pointer (0/2 0%)5:149-0H9
5:139-0H9Griffin Gammon Defensive Rebound (Off:2 Def:1)
5:059-0H9Ashton Leclerc Assist (P1.T1)
5:049-3H6Caden Smith Made 3-Pointer (3 PTS)
4:539-3H6Jack Karlonas Exited the game (3:07)
4:539-3H6Atticus Whitten Entered the game
Quinton Lindsay Assist (P1.T2)4:539-3H6
Creighty Dickson Made Free Throw (5 PTS)4:5310-3H7
Creighty Dickson Made Field Goal (7 PTS)4:5312-3H9
4:5312-3H9Personal Foul (T3)
4:3912-3H9Gabe Michaud Missed Field Goal (0/1 0%)
Blake McPherson Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:2)4:3712-3H9
Quinton Lindsay Turnover (P1.T1)4:3012-3H9
4:2712-3H9Caden Smith Steal (P1.T1)
4:2212-5H7Griffin Gammon Made POT Field Goal (2 PTS)
Erik Bowen Exited the game (3:45)4:1512-5H7
Tyrie James Entered the game4:1512-5H7
Quinton Lindsay Made Free Throw (4 PTS)4:0313-5H8
Quinton Lindsay Missed Free Throw (1/2 50%)4:0313-5H8
4:0313-5H8Atticus Whitten Personal Foul (P1.T4)
3:5013-5H8Caden Smith Turnover (P1.T5)
Quinton Lindsay Assist (P2.T3)3:2413-5H8
AJ Moody Made POT 3-Pointer (3 PTS)3:2216-5H11
3:1216-5H11Caden Smith Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:)
3:1216-5H11Gabe Michaud Missed Free Throw (0/1 0%)
3:1216-5H11Gabe Michaud Missed Free Throw (0/2 0%)
AJ Moody Personal Foul (P1.T3)3:1216-5H11
3:0316-5H11Caden Smith Turnover (P2.T6)
Blake McPherson Missed Field Goal (0/1 0%)2:5616-5H11
2:5416-5H11Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)
Quinton Lindsay Personal Foul (P1.T4)2:5316-5H11
2:4216-5H11Ashton Leclerc Missed Field Goal (0/3 0%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)2:4016-5H11
AJ Moody Missed Field Goal (0/1 0%)2:2916-5H11
2:2516-5H11Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:2)
2:2016-5H11Atticus Whitten Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)
Tyrie James Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)2:1816-5H11
Blake McPherson Exited the game (5:47)2:1316-5H11
Matthew Searway Entered the game2:1316-5H11
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (1 PT)2:1317-5H12
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (2 PTS)2:1318-5H13
2:1318-5H13Caden Smith Personal Foul (P1.T5)
2:0218-5H13Caden Smith Missed 3-Pointer (1/2 50%)
AJ Moody Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)2:0018-5H13
Quinton Lindsay Made 3-Pointer (7 PTS)1:2721-5H16
1:1321-5H16Gabe Michaud Missed Free Throw (0/3 0%)
1:1321-6H15Gabe Michaud Made Free Throw (1 PT)
Tyrie James Personal Foul (P1.T5)1:1321-6H15
Tyrie James Made Field Goal (4 PTS)0:5423-6H17
0:4323-6H17Ashton Leclerc Turnover (P1.T7)
0:4323-6H17Ashton Leclerc Offensive Foul (P1.T6)
Quinton Lindsay Exited the game (7:53)0:0723-6H17
Erik Bowen Entered the game0:0723-6H17
Erik Bowen Turnover (P1.T2)0:0723-6H17
Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)0:0123-6H17
0:0123-6H17Gabe Michaud Missed Free Throw (1/5 20%)
0:0123-7H16Gabe Michaud Made Free Throw (2 PTS)
Tyrie James Personal Foul (P2.T6)0:0123-7H16

Period 2

#1 Windham BoysTimeHome – AwayPoint Margin#1 Gorham Boys
Matthew Searway Exited the game (2:13)8:0023-7H16
Blake McPherson Entered the game8:0023-7H16
7:5223-7H16Gabe Michaud Missed Field Goal (0/2 0%)
7:4923-7H16Griffin Gammon Offensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:1)
7:4923-7H16Griffin Gammon Missed Field Goal (1/2 50%)
Tyrie James Exited the game (4:33)7:4223-7H16
Quinton Lindsay Entered the game7:4223-7H16
Quinton Lindsay Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)7:4023-7H16
Creighty Dickson Turnover (P1.T3)7:2723-7H16
7:1523-9H14Gabe Michaud Made Field Goal (4 PTS)
Creighty Dickson Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)6:4623-9H14
6:4523-9H14Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:3)
6:3923-9H14Ashton Leclerc Missed 3-Pointer (0/2 0%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:2)6:3623-9H14
AJ Moody Missed 3-Pointer (1/2 50%)6:3023-9H14
Creighty Dickson Offensive Rebound (Off:2 Def:2)6:2323-9H14
Creighty Dickson Missed Field Goal (2/3 66.7%)6:2323-9H14
6:2123-9H14Gabe Michaud Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)
6:1823-11H12Gabe Michaud Made Field Goal (6 PTS)
Quinton Lindsay Assist (P3.T4)5:4323-11H12
Erik Bowen Made Field Goal (4 PTS)5:4225-11H14
Full Timeout5:3825-11H14
5:2325-14H11Gabe Michaud Made 3-Pointer (9 PTS)
Quinton Lindsay Turnover (P2.T4)5:1025-14H11
5:0625-14H11Atticus Whitten Exited the game (7:47)
5:0625-14H11Colton Jewett Entered the game
5:0425-14H11Colton Jewett Steal (P1.T2)
5:0325-14H11Griffin Gammon Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)
Erik Bowen Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)5:0125-14H11
4:5225-14H11Gabe Michaud Personal Foul (P2.T7)
Erik Bowen Missed Field Goal (2/3 66.7%)4:4125-14H11
4:3925-14H11Colton Jewett Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)
4:2625-14H11Caden Smith Missed Field Goal (0/1 0%)
4:2525-15H10Griffin Gammon Made Free Throw (3 PTS)
4:2525-16H9Griffin Gammon Made Free Throw (4 PTS)
Creighty Dickson Personal Foul (P2.T7)4:2525-16H9
Quinton Lindsay Missed Field Goal (0/1 0%)4:0525-16H9
4:0225-16H9Colton Jewett Blocked Shot (P1.T1)
Erik Bowen Exited the game (4:07)4:0025-16H9
Tyrie James Entered the game4:0025-16H9
4:0025-16H9Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)
Blake McPherson Personal Foul (P1.T8)4:0025-16H9
3:4025-16H9Caden Smith Turnover (P3.T8)
3:1525-16H9Caden Smith Tie Up
Quinton Lindsay Tie Up3:1525-16H9
AJ Moody Turnover (P1.T5)3:1525-16H9
3:1525-16H9Caden Smith Steal (P2.T3)
3:0325-19H6Colton Jewett Made 3-Pointer (3 PTS)
3:0125-19H6Gabe Michaud Assist (P1.T2)
Quinton Lindsay Turnover (P3.T6)2:5425-19H6
2:5225-19H6Colton Jewett Personal Foul (P1.T8)
2:4225-22H3Gabe Michaud Made 3-Pointer (12 PTS)
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (5 PTS)2:1426-22H4
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (6 PTS)2:1427-22H5
2:1427-22H5Ashton Leclerc Personal Foul (P2.T9)
1:5927-24H3Ashton Leclerc Made Field Goal (2 PTS)
Quinton Lindsay Missed Field Goal (0/2 0%)1:3927-24H3
1:3727-24H3Colton Jewett Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:2)
1:2327-24H3Caden Smith Turnover (P4.T9)
Quinton Lindsay Steal (P1.T1)1:2227-24H3
Blake McPherson Missed Field Goal (0/2 0%)1:1427-24H3
1:1127-24H3Gabe Michaud Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:2)
1:0727-24H3Colton Jewett Missed 3-Pointer (1/2 50%)
1:0127-24H3Gabe Michaud Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:2)
1:0127-24H3Gabe Michaud Missed Field Goal (2/5 40%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:2 Def:3)0:5827-24H3
Tyrie James Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)0:5327-24H3
0:5127-24H3Griffin Gammon Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:2)
0:4127-26H1Gabe Michaud Made Field Goal (14 PTS)
0:0027-26H1Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:4)
Quinton Lindsay Missed Field Goal (0/3 0%)0:0-127-26H1

Period 3

#1 Windham BoysTimeHome – AwayPoint Margin#1 Gorham Boys
Tyrie James Exited the game (4:00)8:0027-26H1
8:0027-26H1Colton Jewett Exited the game (5:06)
Erik Bowen Entered the game8:0027-26H1
8:0027-26H1Jack Karlonas Entered the game
Blake McPherson Missed Field Goal (0/3 0%)7:4827-26H1
7:4327-26H1Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:5)
7:2827-26H1Caden Smith Missed Field Goal (0/2 0%)
Quinton Lindsay Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:2)7:2727-26H1
AJ Moody Turnover (P2.T7)7:2227-26H1
7:1927-26H1Gabe Michaud Steal (P1.T4)
Quinton Lindsay Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:3)7:1327-26H1
7:1127-26H1Griffin Gammon Missed Field Goal (1/3 33.3%)
Creighty Dickson Missed Field Goal (2/4 50%)7:0727-26H1
7:0527-26H1Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:6)
6:4727-26H1Griffin Gammon Missed Field Goal (1/4 25%)
6:4527-26H1Jack Karlonas Exited the game (1:15)
6:4527-26H1Atticus Whitten Entered the game
Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:2)6:4527-26H1
6:4527-26H1Jack Karlonas Personal Foul (P2.T10)
Blake McPherson Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)6:2027-26H1
6:1827-26H1Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:7)
6:0927-26H1Tie Up
6:0427-26H1Caden Smith Turnover (P5.T10)
Creighty Dickson Missed Field Goal (2/5 40%)5:3927-26H1
Creighty Dickson Offensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:3)5:3727-26H1
Creighty Dickson Missed Field Goal (2/6 33.3%)5:3727-26H1
5:3427-26H1Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:8)
5:3227-26H1Griffin Gammon Blocked Shot (P1.T2)
Creighty Dickson Exited the game (18:29)5:3127-26H1
Tyrie James Entered the game5:3127-26H1
Creighty Dickson Personal Foul (P3.T9)5:3127-26H1
5:0927-29A2Gabe Michaud Made 3-Pointer (17 PTS)
5:0827-29A2Griffin Gammon Assist (P1.T3)
Blake McPherson Missed Field Goal (0/4 0%)4:4727-29A2
4:4527-29A2Caden Smith Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:9)
4:3827-29A2Gabe Michaud Missed Field Goal (3/7 42.9%)
4:3727-29A2Gabe Michaud Offensive Rebound (Off:2 Def:2)
4:3427-29A2Gabe Michaud Assist (P2.T4)
4:3327-32A5Caden Smith Made SCP 3-Pointer (6 PTS)
Full Timeout4:3227-32A5
Quinton Lindsay Made Field Goal (9 PTS)4:0629-32A3
3:5029-32A3Griffin Gammon Turnover (P2.T11)
Erik Bowen Exited the game (4:28)3:3229-32A3
Matthew Searway Entered the game3:3229-32A3
AJ Moody Made Free Throw (4 PTS)3:3230-32A2
AJ Moody Made Free Throw (5 PTS)3:3231-32A1
3:3231-32A1Caden Smith Personal Foul (P2.T11)
3:2231-32A1Caden Smith Missed Field Goal (0/3 0%)
Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:3)3:2031-32A1
3:2031-32A1Caden Smith Personal Foul (P3.T12)
Blake McPherson Missed 3-Pointer (0/2 0%)3:1231-32A1
3:0631-32A1Griffin Gammon Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:3)
2:5531-32A1Gabe Michaud Missed Field Goal (3/8 37.5%)
2:5431-32A1Gabe Michaud Offensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:2)
Matthew Searway Exited the game (0:43)2:4931-32A1
Creighty Dickson Entered the game2:4931-32A1
Blake McPherson Personal Foul (P2.T10)2:4931-32A1
2:4531-32A1Ashton Leclerc Missed Field Goal (1/5 20%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:4)2:4331-32A1
Blake McPherson Turnover (P1.T8)2:3231-32A1
2:3131-32A1Griffin Gammon Steal (P1.T5)
2:1231-34A3Gabe Michaud Made POT Field Goal (19 PTS)
2:0331-34A3Atticus Whitten Personal Foul (P2.T13)
2:0131-34A3Atticus Whitten Exited the game (4:44)
2:0131-34A3Colton Jewett Entered the game
Tyrie James Made Field Goal (8 PTS)2:0133-34A1
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (9 PTS)2:0134-340
2:0134-340Ashton Leclerc Personal Foul (P3.T14)
1:4134-340Ashton Leclerc Missed Field Goal (1/6 16.7%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:5)1:4034-340
30s Timeout1:3434-340
Quinton Lindsay Assist (P4.T5)1:3434-340
Blake McPherson Made Field Goal (2 PTS)1:3436-34H2
AJ Moody Personal Foul (P2.T11)1:1736-34H2
1:0936-34H2Colton Jewett Missed 3-Pointer (1/3 33.3%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:6)1:0836-34H2
Quinton Lindsay Assist (P5.T6)0:4036-34H2
AJ Moody Made Field Goal (7 PTS)0:3938-34H4
0:2738-34H4Gabe Michaud Assist (P3.T5)
0:2738-36H2Griffin Gammon Made Field Goal (6 PTS)
0:2738-37H1Griffin Gammon Made Free Throw (7 PTS)
Quinton Lindsay Personal Foul (P2.T12)0:2738-37H1
Tyrie James Turnover (P1.T9)0:0838-37H1
Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:4)0:0338-37H1
0:0338-37H1Caden Smith Missed 3-Pointer (2/4 50%)

Period 4

#1 Windham BoysTimeHome – AwayPoint Margin#1 Gorham Boys
8:0038-37H1Colton Jewett Exited the game (2:01)
8:0038-37H1Jack Karlonas Entered the game
Quinton Lindsay Missed Field Goal (1/5 20%)7:3438-37H1
7:3338-37H1Griffin Gammon Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:4)
7:2238-39A1Ashton Leclerc Made Field Goal (4 PTS)
7:1138-39A130s Timeout
7:1138-39A1Ashton Leclerc Exited the game (24:49)
7:1138-39A1Atticus Whitten Entered the game
7:1138-39A1Jack Karlonas Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (10 PTS)7:1139-390
Tyrie James Missed Free Throw (6/7 85.7%)7:1139-390
7:1139-390Ashton Leclerc Personal Foul (P4.T15)
Blake McPherson Personal Foul (P3.T13)7:0339-390
7:0239-390Atticus Whitten Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)
7:0239-390Jack Karlonas Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)
Quinton Lindsay Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:4)7:0239-390
Creighty Dickson Missed 3-Pointer (0/2 0%)7:0239-390
7:0239-390Jack Karlonas Missed Field Goal (0/1 0%)
7:0239-390Gabe Michaud Missed 3-Pointer (3/4 75%)
6:4539-41A2Gabe Michaud Made Field Goal (21 PTS)
Quinton Lindsay Missed Field Goal (1/6 16.7%)6:3639-41A2
6:3439-41A2Jack Karlonas Blocked Shot (P1.T3)
Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:4)6:3239-41A2
6:1639-41A2Griffin Gammon Deflection (P1.T1)
5:4839-41A2Gabe Michaud Personal Foul (P3.T16)
Creighty Dickson Assist (P2.T7)5:4439-41A2
AJ Moody Made 3-Pointer (10 PTS)5:4342-41H1
5:3442-41H1Atticus Whitten Turnover (P1.T12)
Quinton Lindsay Steal (P2.T2)5:3242-41H1
5:3042-41H1Atticus Whitten Exited the game (1:41)
5:3042-41H1Ashton Leclerc Entered the game
5:3042-41H1Atticus Whitten Personal Foul (P3.T17)
AJ Moody Turnover (P3.T10)5:1842-41H1
4:5942-41H1Ashton Leclerc Missed 3-Pointer (0/3 0%)
4:5642-41H1Gabe Michaud Offensive Rebound (Off:4 Def:2)
4:5142-41H1Gabe Michaud Assist (P4.T6)
4:4942-44A2Griffin Gammon Made SCP 3-Pointer (10 PTS)
Creighty Dickson Made Field Goal (9 PTS)4:3644-440
4:2644-47A3Griffin Gammon Made 3-Pointer (13 PTS)
4:2544-47A3Full Timeout
4:2544-47A3Gabe Michaud Assist (P5.T7)
AJ Moody Missed 3-Pointer (2/4 50%)4:1244-47A3
4:1044-47A3Jack Karlonas Defensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:2)
3:1244-47A3Ashton Leclerc Missed Field Goal (2/8 25%)
Quinton Lindsay Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:5)3:1044-47A3
Quinton Lindsay Turnover (P4.T11)3:0544-47A3
3:0344-47A3Jack Karlonas Steal (P1.T6)
2:5244-49A5Gabe Michaud Made POT Field Goal (23 PTS)
Tyrie James Missed 3-Pointer (0/2 0%)2:4544-49A5
2:4244-49A5Gabe Michaud Exited the game (29:18)
2:4244-49A5Atticus Whitten Entered the game
2:4244-49A5Ashton Leclerc Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:1)
2:2144-49A5Ashton Leclerc Exited the game (3:09)
2:2144-49A5Gabe Michaud Entered the game
2:2144-49A5Ashton Leclerc Turnover (P2.T13)
2:2144-49A5Ashton Leclerc Offensive Foul (P5.T18)
Blake McPherson Made Field Goal (4 PTS)2:0846-49A3
1:3846-49A3Gabe Michaud Missed Field Goal (6/12 50%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:7)1:3746-49A3
Tyrie James Missed Free Throw (6/8 75%)1:2546-49A3
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (11 PTS)1:2547-49A2
1:2547-49A2Atticus Whitten Personal Foul (P4.T19)
1:1847-49A2Gabe Michaud Missed Field Goal (6/13 46.2%)
Blake McPherson Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:3)1:1447-49A2
Creighty Dickson Made Field Goal (11 PTS)1:0749-490
0:5749-490Full Timeout
Tyrie James Personal Foul (P3.T14)0:3449-490
Tyrie James Exited the game (12:59)0:3249-490
Erik Bowen Entered the game0:3249-490
Creighty Dickson Personal Foul (P4.T15)0:3249-490
0:0049-490Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:1)
0:0049-490Jack Karlonas Missed 3-Pointer (0/1 0%)

Period 5

#1 Windham BoysTimeHome – AwayPoint Margin#1 Gorham Boys
Erik Bowen Exited the game (0:32)4:0049-490
Tyrie James Entered the game4:0049-490
Quinton Lindsay4:0049-490
Quinton Lindsay Offensive Rebound (Off:1 Def:5)4:0049-490
Tyrie James Missed Field Goal (2/3 66.7%)4:0049-490
3:5649-490Griffin Gammon Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:5)
Quinton Lindsay Made Free Throw (10 PTS)3:5650-49H1
Quinton Lindsay Missed Free Throw (2/4 50%)3:5650-49H1
3:5650-49H1Gabe Michaud Personal Foul (P4.T20)
3:4550-51A1Gabe Michaud Made Field Goal (25 PTS)
Blake McPherson Made 3-Pointer (7 PTS)3:1753-51H2
Creighty Dickson Assist (P3.T8)3:1553-51H2
2:5253-530Gabe Michaud Made Field Goal (27 PTS)
Tyrie James Made Field Goal (13 PTS)2:2955-53H2
1:5755-53H2Caden Smith Turnover (P6.T14)
Full Timeout1:2555-53H2
0:5055-53H2Gabe Michaud Exited the game (5:31)
0:5055-53H2Colton Jewett Entered the game
0:5055-53H2Colton Jewett Defensive Rebound (Off: Def:3)
Quinton Lindsay Missed Free Throw (2/5 40%)0:5055-53H2
Quinton Lindsay Missed Free Throw (2/6 33.3%)0:5055-53H2
0:5055-53H2Gabe Michaud Personal Foul (P5.T21)
0:4255-53H2Full Timeout
0:4155-53H2Caden Smith Turnover (P7.T15)
Creighty Dickson Steal (P1.T3)0:4055-53H2
Creighty Dickson Assist (P4.T9)0:3655-53H2
Creighty Dickson Made Free Throw (12 PTS)0:3256-53H3
Creighty Dickson Missed Free Throw (4/5 80%)0:3256-53H3
0:3256-53H3Intentional Foul (T22)
30s Timeout0:2756-53H3
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (14 PTS)0:2757-53H4
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (15 PTS)0:2758-53H5
0:2758-53H5Colton Jewett Personal Foul (P2.T23)
0:2258-53H5Atticus Whitten Exited the game (6:20)
0:2258-53H5Izak Young Entered the game
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:8)0:2258-53H5
0:2258-53H5Colton Jewett Missed Free Throw (0/1 0%)
0:2258-55H3Colton Jewett Made Field Goal (5 PTS)
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (16 PTS)0:2259-55H4
Tyrie James Made Free Throw (17 PTS)0:2260-55H5
0:2260-58H2Caden Smith Made 3-Pointer (9 PTS)
0:2260-58H2Atticus Whitten Personal Foul (P5.T24)
AJ Moody Personal Foul (P3.T16)0:2260-58H2
0:1060-58H2Full Timeout
Full Timeout0:0860-58H2
AJ Moody Made Free Throw (11 PTS)0:0861-58H3
AJ Moody Made Free Throw (12 PTS)0:0862-58H4
0:0862-58H4Caden Smith Personal Foul (P4.T25)
0:0362-58H4Caden Smith Missed 3-Pointer (3/6 50%)
Creighty Dickson Defensive Rebound (Off:3 Def:9)0:0062-58H4
Quinton Lindsay Exited the game (27:42)0:0062-58H4
Blake McPherson Exited the game (28:00)0:0062-58H4
AJ Moody Exited the game (36:00)0:0062-58H4
Creighty Dickson Exited the game (14:49)0:0062-58H4
Tyrie James Exited the game (4:00)0:0062-58H4
0:0062-58H4Caden Smith Exited the game (36:00)
0:0062-58H4Jack Karlonas Exited the game (12:00)
0:0062-58H4Griffin Gammon Exited the game (36:00)
0:0062-58H4Colton Jewett Exited the game (0:50)
0:0062-58H4Izak Young Exited the game (0:22)
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