Windham High School Winter Success

I want to wish the Boys and Girls Basketball programs the best of luck this winter season along with our Winter Cheering team. All three programs play an important part in our winter success and we are proud to have the athletes compete and represent WHS.

The winter season is the longest athletic season of the year and it’s my hope that through this long journey we will represent our communities with class, dignity, and respect while being fierce competitors on “game nights”

Students First

Academics play a crucial role in the athlete’s success and the playing surface is an extension of the classroom. Co-curricular activities are one of the best bargains in high school education. A recent Colorado study demonstrates that its athletes maintained nearly a 3.1 grade-point average, while non-participants had a 2.44 GPA. At WHS at the end of every season we have many kids who are recognized as scholar athletes and in the end, academics come first in being a student-athlete.


Sportsmanship is a crucial component of our philosophy and goal for the players and it’s imperative to display appropriate behavior at this year’s games for all of our fans. Our high school has been recognized many times over the past few years for positive sportsmanship and this is something we take great pride in and want to continue.

Make Us Proud

Basketball in the State of Maine is very special and has a rich tradition that goes from Fort Kent to Kittery and Windham HS plays a part in that. Best of luck to our athletes, coaches, and fans for a season that will be filled with great plays, lasting memories and a sense of class that will make all community members proud! We all play a role in making this season enjoyable, memorable and safe.


Rich Drummond
WHS Athletic Administrator

Community support